What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Oscar and Chris were very professional.

Alex and Oscar did an amazing job!

You all know that any 1 disaster is stressful... But I dealt with 4 in just last 2 weeks...Between moving several family members in and out of the house, having my son's car totaled, having a tooth surgery and extraction, and then having my central AC break, my family decided to go away for a few days, only to come home to the  disaster of having the heat/humidity and condensation from a window AC unit draining water down siding and window sill to the  basement as well as having my hot water heater break and leak more water in basement utility, bedroom, gym room.

I have not had a proper sleep in 3 weeks...But thanks to the amazing SERVPRO's professional team IN less than 5 days my home is dehumidified... dried contents saved and stored to a pod .  Now just waiting for your professional restoration team to diligently work for me to put the basement floor, sheetrock, wall, paint and back to like "it never happened"! 

As a simple thank you gesture for SERVPRO team, today I made 3 of my favorite recipes and sent a sample to you. Jeff and the team are awesome professionals. Their prompt, diligent, careful, and professional service and quick remediation schedules are amazing and made me feel comfortable. In return I made a sample of my food for them as I was cooking for my family. 



Care and Consideration. I would recommend SERVPRO of Eastern Rockland County to a friend. 

Oscar was excellent in every way. Thorough, helpful, and skilled. Thank You!

Greg and Alberto were great! Thank you Matt and Dino and Ryan too!

What a great company! 

All the workers were very professional.

Felix is extremely nice and knowledgeable.

The team of folks who worked on my cleanup was fabulous!