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SERVPRO of Eastern Rockland County

SERVPRO Eastern Rockland County received a big "Thank you" from Rex, a Retired EDD (Explosive Detection Dog) for his SERVPRO Secret Santa Vet holiday Package and Holiday for Hero cards from local children!   SERVPRO has participated for the past several years with the SSGT. Joseph D'Augustine Memorial Fund and their Secret Santa Vets program.  This year our Secret Santa Vet's included a military family with 4 children, a deployed vet and Rex!    SERVPRO is honored to support our military and to work with SSGT. Joseph D'Augustine Memorial Fund.  See Rex's thank you and pictures.  Also, check out link to find out how you can help! www.ssjdmf.com

"Dear Ms.Daugustine,

Rex received his Hero Christmas box and I cannot thank you all enough. Rex smelled the box, as if he KNEW it was for him. 
We love the cards and I read him each one after dinner. He went for the ball first, then he had some of the delicious snacks you all packed. What an incredible surprise! You really made our entire Christmas. 
Please extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to the family for their generosity and kindness. 

I have added a picture of Rex while he was working at the US Embassy in Basrah, Iraq. He worked as an Explosive Detection Dog in Iraq from 2011 to 2016. 

Thank you for sending these incredible gifts and amazing cards. We are so touched and you made this old War Dog very happy. 

Faith  and CWD Rex  EDD"