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Commercial Water Damage and Your Business | SERVPRO® of Eastern Rockland County

10/20/2022 (Permalink)

a zoomed in view of a wooden floor showing signs of water damage SERVPRO of Eastern Rockland County are your local commercial restoration company. We will always be here to help clean up and get you back in business

Water damage can have a huge impact on business, and many times it begins right inside your building.

A leaking roof, burst pipe or failed sprinkler system can result in lost inventory, soaked floors or even closure of your building for an extended amount of time.

External natural causes can also be extremely damaging. Rockland County has experienced flooding from excessive rains, particularly in the spring and fall or after remnants of a hurricane have pushed in. We also have multiple small creeks and tributaries that often overflow when the weather turns wet.

Prepare your business beforehand in order to mitigate as much damage as possible. When you are prepared and an event does occur, you can start recovery quicker and with less overall stress.

Know Your Building’s Layout

In order to best be prepared, get to know your building really well. Learn the layout and where shutoff valves are so that you can move quickly if a plumbing failure or other leak occurs. You should be able to turn off the main water valve and the fire sprinkler system.

Educate your employees on how to do this as well, and make sure there are several people designated to respond to a water event in your emergency plans. Cutting off the source can save you from costly damages later.

Know the Types of Water Involved

If your building does experience a water disaster, it is crucial to identify the source so that you know the kind of water you are dealing with in order to handle the situation as safely as possible.

White water. White water originates from a plumbing failure and is typically considered safe to handle on your own. This kind of floodwater is not contaminated.

Gray water. When a toilet tank or sink drain overflows, it is called a gray water flood. This kind of water is contaminated but not toxic, so it is not considered dangerous to deal with.

Black water. A flood from a storm or a backed-up sewer typically contains contaminated, toxic water. This black water flooding should be handled by a professional only.

Take Action Quickly

During an event, make every attempt to identify the source of water and shut it off as quickly as possible. Create air flow and promote drying by opening any available windows or doors you can safely get to. Make sure everyone in your building is aware of the situation so they can avoid the area.

Once you have done everything you can to stop and mitigate the flooding, start documenting the damages. This can aid in your insurance claim, but it will also help you see areas that may need extra work in order to prevent another event from happening.

Remember to Be Patient

The water damage you can see is rarely the entire problem. Learn to check for hidden signs of deeper damage in order to address them quickly before things get worse. Buckled parts of the floor, moldy framing or soaked wall studs are all red flags that could mean there is more going on.

As soon as your business experiences a water event, call SERVPRO of Eastern Rockland County. We can respond quickly with trained professionals and industry-leading equipment. We are ready to work with you and get restoration moving.

Drying up after a flooding event can take a week or more depending on how much water your building endured. Stay patient as our crew works on the cleaning and sanitation of your space. We will walk with you through every step, and your business will be up and running faster than you could have imagined.

When disaster strikes your commercial property, we’ll be there to help clean up and get you back in business quickly. Reach out 247 to get started!

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